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Incubator Support Program

The Incubator Support Program includes $23 million to assist new and established business incubators to help start-up companies accelerate growth, access advice, capital and connections.

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BIIA is a national organisation supporting professionals interested in business incubation and strategies that encourage innovation for industry and regions. Find out more about our network today.

The Asian Association of Business Incubation (AABI) promotes business incubation activities by facilitating information exchanges among Asian incubators, incubator clients and related organisations.

Ultimately, this contributes to increased economic activity in Asia

BIIA Members also benefit from our close association with Asia.

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Business Incubator and Accelerator Sustainability

This paper was initially commissioned by the BADIR Technology Incubator program in Saudi Arabia, in early 2018, to raise awareness about the global reality of incubator and accelerator financial self sustainability. It was updated for broader circulation in conjunction with BIIA in mid-2018.

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