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  • Disruption and democracy: Shetler
    Serious action is needed now to curb the power of the global tech giants and Australia should be leading the way with a series of reforms, according to former Digital Transformation Office chief Paul Shetler. Mr Shetler, who is also the co-founder of AccelerateHQ, delivered the keynote speech at the Disruptions of the Digital: Privacy, […]
  • Tough lessons of the bionic eye
    'Australia punches above its weight'. It’s a claim guaranteed to increase my blood pressure. As a science writer and broadcaster, last with The Australian, I appreciated the quality and impact of the nation’s fundamental research, but its applied science? It seldom made the journey from the laboratory to the marketplace. All too often, a new […]
  • ServicesAus not just ‘rebranding’: PM
    Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for a “step change” in how the public sector operates and denied claims that the creation of Services Australia is just a “fancy rebranding exercise”. In his first major speech on the Australian Public Service at Parliament House on Monday, Mr Morrison said he wants the public sector to […]

ICBI33 Report

Report of key findings/learnings from the 2019 Conference prepared by Melbourne Innovation Centre staff member Francisco Fernandez who found the conference to be very valuable.

The 33rd International Conference on Business Incubation held in Minneapolis, Minnesota delivered sessions and discussions around the current trends, insights, and strategies to maximise the productivity of incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurs.

This report highlights the topics covered in the sessions which focused on food and agriculture, mentoring, and utilising the best practices for incubators and accelerators.

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  • Why hyper-relevance is the aim of the game
    It’s not enough to just offer low prices - you need to also deliver experiences with hyper-relevance that will really matter to your customers. The post Why hyper-relevance is the aim of the game appeared first on Inside Small Business.
  • Now it’s time to get STP working for you
    With efficient STP function available in cloud software solutions you should now have more time to work on your business, instead of in it. The post Now it’s time to get STP working for you appeared first on Inside Small Business.

An action plan to develop a world-leading tech startup ecosystem in Australia.

AABI General Assembly and EPiC

  • Background: Elevator Pitch Competition, “EPiC” in short, is a fun-filled international start-up event organised by HKSTP, the organizer of 2019 AABI General Assembly. In 2019, the finals of EPiC will be held on Nov 8 in Hong Kong as one of the 25th AABI General Assembly events.
  • To participate: Taking this opportunity, AABI Secretariat and HKSTP would like to invite AABI members to nominate outstanding incubatees in your corresponding regions to join this unique global start-up event. Please note that among all candidates, AABI Secretariat and HKSTP will conduct a preliminary selection and eventually nominate TEN of them to go directly into the finals of EPiC.