Invitation to participate in PhD research

THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BUSINESS INCUBATOR SERVICES AND THE PSYCHOLOGICAL CAPITAL OF TENANTS PhD student Alison Ollerenshaw, together with Dr Angela Murphy, Prof Suzanne McLaren and A/Prof Helen Thompson from Federation University Australia are conducting research...

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  • ‘Grave concern’ over encryption
    The boss of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s favourite secure messaging app has “grave concerns” about the government’s recently revealed anti-encryption bill, which he says “largely neglects” its impact on digital security around the world. The CEO of Wickr, which Mr Turnbull has previously been a vocal proponent of, has spoken out...
  • Tech's elephant in the room
    Innovation is about change and new thinking. You would hardly know that from the recent AFR Innovation Summit, which featured speakers making the same well-known talking points, including the self-congratulatory call that ‘Australia invented Wi-Fi’, the meaningless platitude that ‘Canberra is innovative and supporting innovation’, and the consistent...
  • Cicada to NSW: Don’t forget us
    The boss of Australia’s only “deep tech super incubator” has a simple message for the NSW government following the unveiling last week of plans for a new tech mega precinct on the edge of the CBD: Don’t forget us. Cicada Innovations chief executive Petra Andren welcomed the initiative but said she is concerned that the […]

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  • Q&A: Helping new business owners bloom
    The Floral Acts of Kindness charity rescues flowers form wholesalers that would otherwise be thrown out and teaches volunteers how to arrange them for nursing homes. The post Q&A: Helping new business owners bloom appeared first on Inside Small Business.
  • Five tips for accelerating business growth
    Acceleration is not about gimmicks and quick wins but an attitude that must permeate throughout the business and drive every decision. The post Five tips for accelerating business growth appeared first on Inside Small Business.