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  • Hoffman tapped for ServicesAus role
    Former NSW secretary to the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation Martin Hoffman has been tapped by the Commonwealth to develop a new plan for the way that government delivers services. Mr Hoffman will lead a taskforce within the newly-created Services Australia that will develop “a comprehensive strategic plan” over the next six weeks for […]
  • Tobias Feakin on norms of behaviour
    It is more than twenty years since possible rules of behaviour in ‘cyberspace’ were first discussed at the United Nations, and it is now two-and-a-half years since Australia appointed its first Cyber Ambassador in Dr Tobias Feakin. It is remarkable how far that discussion has moved. Across international business forums or multi-lateral government contacts, cyber […]
  • G20 cross-border data flow ratings
    Australia is relatively open to cross-border data flows when compared to other G20 economies, but is limited by a number of restrictive measures, according to a new study commissioned by Salesforce. The Data Beyond Borders report found Australia ranked at number six among G20 economies when it comes to recognising the importance of enabling data […]

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  • The perfect candidate doesn’t exist, but science can get you close
    Science, through the use of psychometric assessments, is helping businesses find the candidates who best fit the job, removing human bias factors. The post The perfect candidate doesn’t exist, but science can get you close appeared first on Inside Small Business.
  • No dust on us: mumpreneurs and isolation
    Mumpreneurs struggling with a feeling of isolation can build resilience by jumping out of their comfort zone and meeting other like-minded people. The post No dust on us: mumpreneurs and isolation appeared first on Inside Small Business.

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