The Future Association for Culture and Development concluded the first phrase activities of the training camp for ” entrepreneurship” within the project of economic empowerment of entrepreneurship women in the southern Gaza Strip funded by the U.S.- Middle East Partnership Initiative MEPI which is the first project of its kind to be held in the southern governorates particularly in Rafah that lasted from 13 November to 23 November 2017.

The Future association has held an opening ceremony of the training camp in the restaurant hall of ” Fiesta” in Rafah in the presence of a bunch of entrepreneurs in the same field and legal distinct persons, in addition to affiliated entrepreneurs women to the project.

The camp’s activities lasted for six consecutive days and 48 leading women’s groups participated during that. Thirty-five pilot projects were selected to qualify for the pre-incubation phase where extensive training will take place over a month and a half to them and the Future association was keen to provide specialized training for the benefit of the participants in order to enable them to start their own projects.

Mr. Ahmed Madi, Chairman of the association, spoke about the partnerships and agreements signed between the Future Association for Culture and Development and the Supreme Council for Innovation and Excellence and technology incubator BTI, in addition to the Arab Science and Technology Foundation.

Madi pointed out the importance of spreading the culture of entrepreneurship at the level of the southern governorates of the Gaza Strip in cooperation with their partners in all international and local institutions.

In his turn, US economic advisor, Mr. Omar Hamad, pointed to the large rise in the, unemployment rate which reached 46.4%, saying: ” To reduce unemployment we chose entrepreneurship to support young people by giving them a chance to prove themselves in a project they think about it . In this case, the sustainability of the project has more opportunity.”

The training camp was attended by Minister of Palestinian Women Affairs Dr. Haifa Al-Agha, which emphasized the promotion of specific and unique practices of entrepreneurship in the southern Gaza Strip.

Moreover, participants in the project benefited from the training courses that have been prepared and submitted to them in several specialized areas varied among management, marketing, customer service, identify the financial and administrative structures, and market emerging companies. Also, the association stated that the preparation of the training program was through a group of specialists aimed at enabling the participants to know all aspects of their projects, especially details of the production process starting with developing the idea, entering that process, and starting earning profits.

The camp hosted a group of prominent figures entrepreneurs inside the training hall or via Skype to speak about their experiences and to give advices to the new entrepreneurs.

Mr. Hassan Omar ,who is a entrepreneurship expert and Glow founder, Speaks about the ways of developing entrepreneurship and the importance of enhancing the role of supporting entrepreneurship as a way out of the problems that faced the Palestinian Youth, and to give advices for supporting creativity and excellence of entrepreneurship.

The camp was marked by presenting the participants presentations about their projects. Also, the follow-up and guidance for the project conducted by the supervisors and mentors, whom the groups were distributed on them, to give the chance to all the groups to improve their projects for the next Phases of the project.

In the first phase, the participating projects focused on design eco-friendly buildings, handcraft, home device to treat excessive sweating, educational centers, manufacture candles with different aromas through technology, recycling old stuff and plastic ores to manufacture a new product, and media companies.

The Future Association for Culture and Development held at the end of the training camp ” entrepreneurship ” interviews for the participating projects to evaluate and select projects for the pre-incubation stage. The evaluation and selection process was conducted by a committee made up of : Dr. Sami Abu Shammala, Dr. Ashraf Al-Astal, Eng. Salah Taha, Eng. Ashraf Al-Yazuri ,and the project manger, Ms. Hana Dheir.

The association represented by the chairman Eng. Ahmad Madi congratulated the successful projects and wished them success in the next stages of the project. The association also expressed its sincere appreciation for the projects that weren’t able to qualify for the completion of the project and stressed the need to work to develop their ideas and projects.