Trends and New Directions in Incubation

Discussion Paper prepared by Julian Webb, Director CREEDA Projects
Director CREEDA Projects
Consultant to World Bank Incubator Program ‘InfoDev’ and
Board Member, Business Innovation and Incubation Australia

New strategies are emerging and being tested and driven by the need for relevance and impact in a rapidly changing economic climate and increasing demand for local solutions. It is now not uncommon in the global innovation and incubation community to see a combination of the following models being created to facilitate innovation and growth for start- ups and established small businesses:

  • Classic/Traditional Incubation
  • University incubation
  • Accelerators (with or without seed funds)
  • Mentorship capital
  • Sector Specific Incubation
  • Virtual Incubation
  • Online matching platforms
  • Makerspaces
  • Hubs