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  • COVID-19: Impact on China’s science policy
    In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, global science and policy communities are in flux. What does this mean for China’s science policy and funding? Or its international research partnerships? One organisation that has been closely monitoring and reporting on Beijing’s policy trajectory for the last decade is now a go-to resource in the current... […]
  • Govt grants and gender imbalance
    While the federal government prepares details of a new $18 million grants program to support female founders, new research has uncovered a stark gender imbalance in existing entrepreneur support programs. In a discussion paper published to coincide with International Women’s Day, ANDHealth says not only is there a substantial lack of gender diversity in the... […]
  • Govt not listening on R&D cuts
    The Opposition has accused government of not listening to tech companies on its controversial reforms to the Research and Development Tax Incentive after revelations that no substantial consultation has been undertaken on the new bill. A Senate estimates hearing on Wednesday heard that there had been no significant consultations on the new changes to the... […]

ICBI33 Report

Report of key findings/learnings from the 2019 Conference prepared by Melbourne Innovation Centre staff member Francisco Fernandez who found the conference to be very valuable.

The 33rd International Conference on Business Incubation held in Minneapolis, Minnesota delivered sessions and discussions around the current trends, insights, and strategies to maximise the productivity of incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurs.

This report highlights the topics covered in the sessions which focused on food and agriculture, mentoring, and utilising the best practices for incubators and accelerators.

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  • Q&A: Getting on the front foot to solve an age-old problem
    A Brisbane start-up is looking to revolutionise cricket with new technology aimed at removing one of the most frsutrating aspects of the great game. The post Q&A: Getting on the front foot to solve an age-old problem appeared first on Inside Small Business.
  • La dolce vita
    An Italian chef's journey with cannoli proves that carving success out of a “niche” product takes total commitment to, and passion for, the product. The post La dolce vita appeared first on Inside Small Business.

An action plan to develop a world-leading tech startup ecosystem in Australia.

AABI General Assembly and EPiC

  • Background: Elevator Pitch Competition, “EPiC” in short, is a fun-filled international start-up event organised by HKSTP, the organizer of 2019 AABI General Assembly. In 2019, the finals of EPiC will be held on Nov 8 in Hong Kong as one of the 25th AABI General Assembly events.
  • To participate: Taking this opportunity, AABI Secretariat and HKSTP would like to invite AABI members to nominate outstanding incubatees in your corresponding regions to join this unique global start-up event. Please note that among all candidates, AABI Secretariat and HKSTP will conduct a preliminary selection and eventually nominate TEN of them to go directly into the finals of EPiC.

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